Visit from Vadsø

On Tuesday the 22nd of October, some students and teachers from Vadsø upper secondary school, electronics class 2 ENA, came to visit us. Since Barel is the only electronics manufacturer in this area, this is a perfect way for the local students and teachers to familiarize with us. The purpose is to see and learn how a modern electronics manufacturer is working and which functions are needed in such a business. In addition, Barel is currently searching for a trainee in manufacturing electronics, so recruitment from 2 ENA will be a particularly good option because of the local bonding. The visit started with a nice lunch in our meeting room. While the visitors enjoyed their meal, our Production Manager did a presentation for them about Barel and how we work. After lunch it was time for a guided tour through the production. There the students were first introduced to practical protection against ESD, and all had to be dressed up and tested before they continued to the various workstations. We got feedback that it was a very happy class who went back to Vadsø, hopefully many experiences richer.

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