Contract production

In addition to our own products has Barel partnered with other companies to produce according to contract.

Today we have agreements with the Norwegian companies BEHA and Glamox where we produce respectively electronic temperature controllers for electric heaters, manual programmable and wireless control modules for BEHA, while for Glamox Barel manufacture marine-low-location lighting. Including emergency systems.

Worldwide, we have a contract with the largest suppliers of interior lighting to Airbus, namely Goodrich GmbH. As of today, Barel manufactures and supplies over 20 different products for Goodrich GmbH, which has its headquarters in Lippstadt, Germany.

Interior lighting for aircrafts

Barel is proud to supply high quality products to one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers.

Marine low-location-lighting

Barel makes low-location-lights for use in emergency escape systems, e.g. onboard ships.

Heating products

Barel also makes electronic temperature controllers for panel heaters with related manual modules, timer modules and wireless modules.