Barel re-certified as a Great Place to Work!

Barel has once again managed to become a certified “Great Place to Work”. This is something that CEO Bård Gamnes is really proud of:

“I’m incredibly proud of this achievement and also humble for all the effort that has gone into this! Especially looking back at 2022 and everything that has happened. We are not where we want to be just yet, there are still many things to be done. This is however a big motivation to push us to become an even greater place to work!”

Bård Gamnes, CEO Barel AS

Barel has worked with three main focus areas in our People First agenda for 2022 and we can see an improvement across all measured dimensions. We will continue the effort throughout 2023 as well with some new areas to focus on as well as continued improvement across existing work.

The future is bright – thanks to our people! #TeamBarel

PS: We can already promise that great things will happen in 2023 for Barel – so stay tuned for more information and updates as we move along.