Since 1993 we have developed and manufactured electronics for OEM customers within the markets for international lighting and heating industry. We have specialized in electronic ballasts and emergency lights for use in hazardous areas (Ex), and emergency light units for use in non hazardous areas.

Today you will find our products spread globally, installed by our customers at;
Chemical factories, cruise ships, private yachts, gas stations, oil platforms and refineries, public buildings, airports and private homes.

Product assembly is done at one of our two factories, depending on volumes and technology to be used. In Kirkenes we have automated production and handle high volumes, as well as R&D, prototyping and some manual assembly. Our subsidiary company in Murmansk, OOO BR Electronics, handles labor-intensive products with large degree of manual labor. This flexible model allows us to move production between our facilities depending on volumes, lead times, and customer preferences.

News from Barel:
News from Barel